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Metafox is innovating


It is a well-known fact that any crisis creates opportunities and we at Metafox definitely agree with that.

The Covid pandemic has prompted us to take a problem-solving attitude and to proactively tackle our wish list. We have set up workgroups to get things in order as much as possible in these difficult times, and also to develop procedures to work as efficiently as possible once our production is running at full steam again.

We have also given our creative team a completely free hand and the space they need to design a new company style and web design. As a result, we are extremely pleased and proud to launch our new website, which is intended to be extremely clear and transparent.

As a metalworking manufacturing company we are active on many different markets. We are both proud and happy to make every possible effort to respond to each and every customer, in any industry, as promptly as possible. Our quotation module has also been updated to make it even more user-friendly for you all.

Besides providing informative content, we especially aim to inspire you. Based on the motto of Leo Burnett: “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” Metafox has made it happen.


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