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By now, you probably know that Metafox is a family-run business. However, we do have a very intriguing ‘did-you-know’ about the name of MetaFOX, and we are happy to share the story of the three little fox cubs.



There was a young man bursting with creativity who worked in his workshop from early morning until late at night to bring his ideas to fruition. In another village, not so very far away, there was a young lady who was also an extremely ambitious entrepreneur. Both were driven by their passions, but they were only too aware that all work and no play makes for a dull life. They liked the nightlife, and one night their eyes met and magic happened. These two young people fell in love and soon found out just how compatible they were. That was the start of Mr & Mrs Devos (The Fox).



One thing led to another and after a few years a first cub made its appearance. He was lovingly christened ‘Frederique’. A few years went by and suddenly a second cub came upon the scene. They called him ‘Olivier’. A third and last cub then came along at the speed of lightning. ‘Xavier’ completed the family.
These three Fox cubs always had great fun in their father’s workshop and after a busy day they would return to mum’s warm fox den. These cubs also matured and one by one left home.



The three of them started working and they helped to promote the growth and expansion of the family business. But it was Frederique, the first-born Fox, and also the ‘F’ in Metafox, who took over the management and who strives each and every day to take Metafox up to the next level.

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