Powder coating line


Brand-new state-of-the-art powder coating line

Metafox always puts quality first. That is why we consider investing in the optimisation of our production process a top priority. We are thrilled that the latest investment in our production facility will further boost our ability to keep delivering on that promise. Our brand-new, state-of-the-art powder coating line came into operation in January of this year, allowing us to further optimise our production processes. This investment also enables us to carry out the coating process in-house, which makes us very excited about the possibilities of guaranteeing our customers the best possible finish!



First of all this new investment results in a more efficient process with less loss (energy, powder, waste water,…) and a higher production speed. All this is possible thanks to the use of the latest technologies  in terms of suspension, pre-treatment, spraying technology, etc. This enables Metafox to offer its customers a full service with a shorter throughput time and superior finish quality.

An additional asset is the fact that Metafox continues to evolve towards a one-stop shop. For instance, we are no longer dependent on external parties for this surface treatment and we have full control over the end result.



Before our products are carefully removed from the powder coating line they go through a number of steps. First of all the raw parts are manually hung from the suspension chain. They start their trajectory in the spraying tunnel where they are degreased, rinsed and passivated. For this purpose we use cutting-edge nanotechnology to obtain optimum bonding and corrosion resistance. Subsequently the parts are fully dried in the drying kiln. Now the parts are ready for powder coating in the powder coating centre! Two robotic arms apply the powder to the products in an automated process. In locations that are difficult to reach, additional powder coating can be done manually. As the parts are statically charged, the powder is automatically attracted to the parts that must be painted. With the painting process finished, the parts are baked out in the muffle furnace at a temperature of approximately 200°C and then removed from the powder coating line. One last inspection and the parts are all ready for possible further assembly and/or packing!



Excess heat is diverted to our workshop via a closed circuit, giving us an ecological heat source in winter! In the summer this excess heat is dissipated outside.

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Powder coating line


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