Successful edition of our Metafox Christmas event!


Our staff party this year took us to new heights! What started as a spur of the moment idea grew into a more than successful Christmas event. Sausages, mulled wine, atmospheric lights... everything you think of when you think of a Christmas market was brought together in our showroom!


From 4pm on Friday 22 December, our showroom began to fill up with curious employees, partners and children. The evening promised something for everyone, ready for an atmospheric evening. Our showroom was transformed into the ultimate Christmas atmosphere, filled with various chalets offering a wide range of typical winter food and drinks.

The children had a great time at various workshops, while everyone enjoyed a live jazz band to complete the Christmas atmosphere.

And what is a Christmas event without Santa Claus? Together with his Christmas elf, he brought a cool Metafox hat for every employee!

In short, a successful first edition for all!

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