Trend colours 2023: Metafox evolves with them!


Metafox keeps up with the latest trends! Metafox wants to evolve with the latest colour trends in furniture design, among others in the event and hospitality industry. Previously we were predominantly known for our high-quality furniture in mostly classic, stylish colours but now we have decided to broaden our horizons.

We want to demonstrate our versatility and creativity through a refreshing makeover of several existing products. We set to work together with our new interior design stylist Joëlle and the results turned out great! In this blog we will discuss the latest colour trends as well as our own new hues and patterns ☟


Current trends in the event and hospitality industry

Nowadays guests look for special experiences. Unique prints and patterns, striking colours and eye-catchers are key in this regard. In this trend natural colours are more popular than ever!

“The COVID outbreak has forced us all to adapt to a new reality. Many of us rediscovered nature and spent much more time outdoors. This has led to a renewed appreciation for the beauty of nature and inspired people to extend this trend to their interiors."  Interior design stylist Joëlle.

As a result, natural colours such as earth tones and greens are increasingly used, creating a sense of calm and harmony.

Not just the colours of our interiors are changing but also the way we organise our spaces. Relaxing, social gatherings and work are increasingly blending together, requiring spaces to be more flexible and multifunctional. This means we need suitable furniture to ensure efficient and functional furnishing of any room.

With our collapsible and stackable furniture, we are already on board with this latest trend. By adding new colours and patterns we are now also introducing the former trend, making our furniture both functional and trendy!


Our new trendy colours

We haved added colour to our collection to show that Metafox has more to offer than just our Classics, the white and black frames. We have opted for a wide range of colourful yet neutral colours including nude, terracotta, old blue, olive green and khaki. These colours are inspired on nature and help the furniture blend in seamlessly with the outdoors while at the same time introducing influences from outside in a neutral way. Moreover, the colours pastel blue and beige red featured prominently at the most recent trade shows!


Table tops with new designs

Our new table tops also have an obvious link with nature. Our solid tops in the beautiful marble and terrazzo style lend your interior a stylish and natural allure. Moreover, our solid herringbone and burned wood table tops add an amazing wood look. These wonderful designs were chosen to match perfectly with the new colours. You are free to put together and mix your ideal combination!

Click here to discover all the available furniture in our new colours and designs:

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