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10 essential steps towards a successful project design


Project design is not just about selecting the right furnishings but also about creating spaces that reflect the identity of your business and foster productivity. Whether it’s hospitality, corporate or office design, our passionate sales team and our in-house interior stylist work side by side to translate your wishes into attractive, functional spaces.


Metafox's checklist for project design

1. Listening to the customer’s wishes

Before getting started on the project design we take the time to listen to your vision. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve with the space? Understanding your needs and wishes helps us put together a custom-made mood board that is a perfect fit for your style, with functionality as the central focus.

2. Space analysis and design

Our team processes the acquired insights and gets cracking! Ideas are exchanged and mood boards are built as we select the appropriate furnishings for your spaces with the utmost care.

3. Proposal to the customer

In this phase we like to invite you to our showroom to discuss the design in detail and take a closer look at the products. This provides a more concrete idea of the furniture we have in mind for you.

4. Selecting the desired furniture

Based on our proposal and the advice of our interior stylist you then make an initial selection from our furniture portfolio for your project design.

5. Quotation for the selected products

Once you’ve made your selection, we draw up a detailed quotation for the selected products.

6. Explanation of the quotation and product finishes

We attach great importance to transparency. That is why we like to meet in person to explain the quotation in detail. During this conversation we go over all prices together and review the corresponding product finishes, such as colour options, shell finishing and paint types.

7. Quotation approved?

As soon as you agree to the design, the next steps in the process are set in motion. The order is meticulously prepared and the delivery date is set.

8. Delivery and installation

Metafox delivers your furnishings with the greatest care at the agreed date and time, always in the presence of our sales representative Mathieu, who has meanwhile become your dedicated contact for the project. This ensures a meticulous installation by our installation team and a flawless finishing of your project design.

9. After-sales service

After the installation we closely monitor everything and are ready to answer any questions and receive feedback.

10. Taking pictures

We document our finished project designs with great pride. That is why we like to take a handful of pictures of the final result. With your permission, these pictures are then shared on our website under the references section and on our social media channels. You are tagged and the visual material is forwarded to you.


Curious as to how we can transform your spaces? Contact us today and let’s get to it!

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