Satelite Conference

Tilting table

With the ergonomic tilt mechanism of the Conference Satellite tilt table, the tables can be effortlessly tilted and compactly stacked without lifting. Perfect for multi-purpose rooms and wheelchair accessible!

  • Tilting table for multi-purpose rooms.
    Ergonomic tilting mechanism allowing tables to be tilted and compactly stacked without lifting.
    High-quality mobile "nesting" tilting table.
    The legs are arranged so that it is possible to sit at the head of the table without being obstructed by the legs.
    By means of a single simple operation, it can be folded up. This high-quality folding system ensures maximum ease of use and also protects the next table when storing. The elegant minimalist base is designed in such a way that the tables stack in a perfectly straight line to maximise stacking space. This makes the table "nestable" so that tables save a huge amount of space when stored.
    The tables are equipped with 4 high-quality, smooth and robust swivel wheels, at least 2 of which have a brake, this ensures that the tables are securely blocked.


  • Ergonomic to install as you do not have to lift anything.
    User-friendly, quick & easy to open & close.


  • Tube frame provided as standard in white texture or RAL 9006 texture.
    Metal robust lock mechanism, stands mounted on tubular steel frame.
    Vertical upright steel tube with dimensions 55 x 55 x 2 mm, diagonal steel intermediate tube with dimensions 40 x 20 x 2 mm and horizontal steel intermediate tube with dimensions Ø 40 x 2 mm.
    Joints are glued and screwed.
    Caution: width between legs:

 Width base

Top length

Space between legs

100 cm

140 cm

86 cm

120 cm

160 cm

106 cm

140 cm

180 cm

126 cm

160 cm

200 cm

146 cm

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