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There is no "I" in TEAM


With a workforce of approx. 56 people, we can definitely say that there is plenty of diversity at Metafox. Men and women, of various origins, from school leavers to pensioners, all work together every day to achieve their common goal. Everyone has their own story to tell and that results in unique standards and values. It goes without saying that mutual understanding and respect go hand in hand here and that good communication is crucial.
And what could possibly be better to optimise this communication than a team building event?



With a stream of questions, and even a bit of reluctance here and there, all the foxes got together in the showroom on a Friday afternoon for what, as yet unbeknownst to them, would turn out to be a wonderful fun- and laughter-filled afternoon. At a team building event, it is extremely important to create unity and uniformity, so everyone received a new Metafox T-shirt.

The groups were divided in such a way to ensure that every department was represented. Exciting, because everyone was taken out of their comfort zone and placed in a group with people they did not know. The lunch was an ideal time to check each other out and to come up with a fun name for their particular group.

The activities were selected so as to ensure that everyone really had to collaborate to achieve their aims. So, we put our heads together, we made plans and encouraged other group members. Any lingering doubts soon disappeared and made way for laughter and new camaraderie. The verdict was unanimous; we had not felt so relaxed and carefree for quite a long time. With full focus on the game, we only had eyes for each other and the group. We really could not have wished for a better day, especially with the weather being so sunny too.



To encourage a feeling of competition, the participants were being teased with a fun incentive for the winners. We would never have thought that this would be a ride in a helicopter over our pride and joy, our company and the town of Ardooie. This really was the cherry on the cake and everyone was on tenterhooks and keen to hear their own name being called out. There were no less than 6 winners. The lucky ones were ecstatic and the others were happy to share in their good fortune. Such a group feeling has rarely been experienced within Metafox, so we can confidently say that this team building event was a huge success.

With a true feeling of togetherness, we all headed for the showroom where everything had been prepared for dinner. There were calls for toasts and people enjoyed chatting about the day. Team members sought each other out again and introduced them to their closest colleagues. There was a great atmosphere. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious BBQ, and this ended in a lovely disco in true Metafox style.

There is no “I” in Team!

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